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Pampering Products for him, her and home!
Pampering Products for him, her and home!

RAW Recreational Bundle w/ Hard Shell Travel Case

  • RAW Pre-Roll Wallet Hard Shell Case
  • RAW 1 1/4 Rolling Papers (2 Packs) 50 Leaves per Pack
  • Hippie Butler Grinder Card
  • RAW 79mm Roller Cigarette Maker for 1 1/4 Size Rolling Papers
  • RAW Roll-Up tips and RAW Hemp Wick
RAW Pre-Roll Wallet The Raw Preroll Wallet is a great way to keep your smokes and smoking accessories safe and together. With a fabric-wrapped hard shell and zipper, you never have to worry about losing any of your stuff, plus the elastic bands inside keep things from moving around. Just throw it in your pocket or purse, and go. This case features the Raw logo. Hippie Butler Rolling Paper Size Grinder Card Take any dry herb you wish to grind and rub it against our patented finger-friendly Grove ‘n’ Grind surface like a cheese grater. It’s best to start at the top of the card and move your hand down and up again over the surface, repeating the process till the herb is all ground. After grinding, you can use the card to scoop and place your ground herbs where you need it. Use the card to scoop ground tobacco into papers and also aid in rolling. RAW Natural Unrefined - 1 1/4 Made of a proprietary blend of unbleached natural fibers, RAW Natural rolling papers are your natural choice for rolling paper. RAW rollling papers are so thin that you can see through the natural brown hue of the rolling paper. RAW Hemp Plastic Rollers - 79mm Roll out your 79mm long or shorter smokes (single wide and 1 1/4 work) on these RAW 79mm rollers. These rollers are manufactured in Indonesia, unlike most rollers that are made in China. Comes with a spare apron. RAW Unbleached Roll-Up Tips From the RAW brand you love, unbleached roll-up tips. Chlorine free and chemical free, these are the natural choice for your roll-up tips. Raw Hemp Wick 10 Ft/ 3 Meters The Raw Hemp Wicks are an excellent way to light your smoking herbs or tobacco. By using Raw Hemp Wicks, you'll be preventing harmful butane and toxins from mixing with your smokables.