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Pampering Products for him, her and home!
Pampering Products for him, her and home!

Date Deck Couples Game

  • GREAT FOR A ROMANTIC DATE NIGHT — Fun question prompt cards that help you start relationship-building conversations. Introduce curiosity and excitement to any date by sharing about yourself and learning about another person. Use this deck to move beyond small talk and have deeper, more meaningful conversations.
  • TURN DATE NIGHT INTO A GAME— Choose how you play. Pick from one of the five categories (Break the Ice, Play It Safe, Let's Get Edgy, Risky Business, and Exposed), pick a prompt card, answer questions, and collect points, or explore the deck by choosing a card at random and letting the conversation flow.
  • SPEND MORE QUALITY TIME TOGETHER— Get to know each other quickly and keep it interesting with these thought-provoking conversation starters. Laugh together and discover your partner’s perspective through meaningful discussion. Put away your phones, switch off the TV and use these question prompts to feel more connected.
  • GO BEYOND BORING — Bring the Date Deck on your next date to spark conversations that stimulate your mind, warm your heart, and inspire you to learn a whole lot more about your date and yourself. Designed to level up your conversations, strengthen your connections and inject fun into dating in a meaningful way.
  • PERFECT POCKET-SIZED GIFT — Perfect travel size set for any romantic date in any environment. Slip this card pack into your pocket and use it to bring intimacy and compelling conversation with you and your date - whether you’re at a restaurant, picnicking on the beach, or travelling somewhere special.
Want to impress your date with compelling, memorable conversation all night long? You can, with the Date Deck in your hands. Simply choose cards at random or play the Date Deck game for exciting, interesting, thought-provoking conversations that bring you closer together. Connecting with someone new can be awkward, and talking about the same things over and over soon gets boring and predictable! The 50 question prompts inside the Date Deck makes stimulating conversation effortless and simple. Whether you’re on your first date or your 1000th, this pocket-sized tool brings curiosity and excitement to your relationship. Use the question cards to get beyond small talk with ease. Ask deep-thinking questions with confidence and explore conversations you’ve never had before. Discover mutual interests, pet peeves, past experiences and present plans without the awkward ask-and-I’ll-tell conversation. Enjoy the feeling of discovering new things about each other and feel more connected as a result. There are TWO ways to use the Date Deck. 1. Play the Date Deck game with your girlfriend, boyfriend, fiance, husband or wife! Choose one of the five categories (Break the Ice, Play It Safe, Let's Get Edgy, Risky Business, and Exposed). The higher the score on the back of the card, the more revealing the question. Are you daring enough to ask for and answer a 5-point card! The first to 30 points wins. 2. Pick one of the cards at random and enjoy a conversation that creates an opportunity to feel more connected. With prompts that encourage you to speak your truth, share your past, and your plans for the future, the Date Deck is your shortcut to healthier, happier relationships. Whether starting a new relationship or reinvigorating an existing one, this Date Deck will boost your conversation confidence; helping you cultivate closeness in a way that strengthens and deepens romantic relationships for the better.