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Pampering Products for him, her and home!
Pampering Products for him, her and home!

eCoal Premium Coconut Shisha Hookah Coal

  • COCONUT IS BEST: Unlike wood or other charcoals, these premium briquettes are made from coconut shells and burn up to 3 times longer, are sulfur free, and virtually tasteless and odorless.
  • LESS THAN 5% ASH: Enjoy a nice relaxing smoke with as little ash as possible. Reduce harshness so you get a clean and refreshing pull each time as well as making clean up quick and effortless.
  • A STRONG BURN: Get the most out of your smoking experience with coals that intensely burn at an optimal temperature to keep your sheesha tobacco perfectly heated up and ready to smoke.
  • AMAZING VERSATILITY: Our shisha charcoal work on practically any type of hookah, pipe, or smoking instrument so you can always use our coals to get the perfect smoke you need at any time.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY & SUSTAINABLE: Not a single tree was harmed making this product - it is made from 100% all natural discarded coconut husks, and is free of toxins, chemicals or impurities.

Enjoy a good smoke with completely natural and environmentally friendly coconut shell charcoal that will only serve to make every pull of your favorite hookah flavor as good as can be!

With eCoals, you're getting top quality premium hookah coals to fulfill your smoking desires. Super strong and durable coals that won't deteriorate easily and produce powerful heat and lasts super long! Takes little time and effort to fully ignite and contains less than 5% ash for less harshness for smoother inhales.

FEATURES 100% Natural Hookah Coals Made from Coconut Husks. Cube Shaped Packs of 120, 72 or 24 Versatile - Great for Hookahs, Pipes, Bowls - Requires a Hot Plate

BENEFITS OF COCONUT No Added Chemicals Less Than 5% Ash Sulfur Free Odorless & Tasteless Burns up to 3 Times Longer A GREAT SMOKE EACH TIME Don't settle for harsh smoke sessions that turn your only minutes of relaxation to absolute buzzkills. Our hookah coals are top notch and ahead of all other coal in the market due to their sheer durability, intense burning action, and very little ash produced by them.

You get the most out of your tobacco with each inhale and it will be a smooth and soothing as possible.

ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCT All natural and chemical free charcoals make your smoking experience not only much more relaxing but a lot safer for the world around you. First of all, no trees or harmful substances are used in the making of our charcoal - they're made purely out of coconut shells. No chemicals are added by them so it's always safe to burn in any home or outdoors. No bad odors or taste is produced by our coal so once your session is over, you won't be affected by any lingering substances.

Get the best charcoal out there and make upgrade your smoke! With eCoal, you're smoking faster, safer, and better!