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Pampering Products for him, her and home!
Pampering Products for him, her and home!

Carbon Steel Wok w/ Spatulas & Wooden Lid

  • COOK AUTHENTIC PAN ASIA CUISINE: This traditional Chinese wok ensures quick, efficient heating and exceptional heat transfer in an easy to maneuver pan. It works excellent to stir-fry vegetables, prawns, fish and rice.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL TYPES OF STOVES: The non stick wok has been tested thoroughly to ensure that it works perfectly on all cooking surfaces including electric coils, electric and induction glass tops, gas stovetops, and other direct heat sources. The flat base makes sure it sits securely on any stovetop.
  • HONEYCOMB DESIGN & CARBON STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Crafted from carbon steel, this flat bottom wok combined the benefits of cast iron and stainless steel while removing their pitfalls. The surface has a honeycomb design which hardness, reduces scratches and maintains the beauty of the wok.
  • ERGONOMIC & STAY COOL WOODEN HANDLE: The easy to hold wooden handle won’t burn or get hot when you stir-fry on high heat. The textured handle offers a non-slip grip while you are tossing veggies like a true master chef.
  • TWO BONUS SPATULAS & WOODEN LID INCLUDED: We provide two spatulas and a wooden lid with the wok. The spatulas work great for tossing food and the lid allows you to cook soups, sauces and vegetables conveniently. The wooden lid has a handle for easy handling.

Carbon steel is the most popular material used for wok these days. It heats quickly, ensures efficient heat transfer and is three times denser than aluminum. Built for rapid movement and high heat, carbon steel woks have been used by professional Chinese chefs to cook authentic pan Asian cuisine.

This naturally non-stick cookware significantly reduces the need for oil and prevents sticking of food. Even at a higher temperature, it does not release any toxins, which makes it safer to use.