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Pampering Products for him, her and home!
Pampering Products for him, her and home!

Multi-functioning LCD Projection Digital Alarm Clock

Color: White
1. Time projection function (direct projection on the wall, display the current time in red font, large font)
2. A variety of music alarms, built-in large speakers, clear sound volume is appropriate
3. Two time modes are available: 12 hours and 24 hours.
4. Project accurate time, the projection angle has a range of 90 degrees. The projection alarm is activated for 10 seconds each time it is pressed.
5. Adjustable rotary projector
6. LCD time and temperature display
7. Alarm clock and 10 minutes snooze function
8. Classic dome design, automatic projection focus
9. Low power consumption, environmental protection, compact and lightweight
10. Multi-function: the function of night light, projector and alarm clock
11. Voice broadcast current time and automatically detect real-time temperature
Set the alarm function:
In the time display state, press the MODE button twice, the alarm time flashes, and you can adjust the alarm time by pressing the HR and MIN buttons. Press the MODE button once again to enter the hourly alarm switch and the alarm switch setting. Press the MIN button to select the alarm on or off function; the alarm sounds for 1 minute, and no button operation for 10 seconds to exit the setting state.
Set snooze function:
Push TALKING to the ON state. When the alarm sounds, press the LIGHT/SNZ button on the top to pause the alarm sound. The alarm symbol on the LCD flashes and the snooze function is automatically turned on. The interval between snooze is 10 minutes. The number of alarms is up to 6 times; if the alarm sounds, pressing any other key except the top LIGHT/SNZ button or no button operation will not enable the snooze function.
Projection font:
1. When the projection clock is 2 meters away from the receiving wall or ceiling, the projected font height is about 20 cm.
2. When the projection clock is 6 meters away from the receiving wall or ceiling, the projected font height is about 60 cm.
Color: Black/White
Power By: 3 AAA Batteries (not included)
Material: Plastic
Package included:
1 x Projection Alarm Clock
1x USB cable