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Pampering Products for him, her and home!
Pampering Products for him, her and home!

Portable Bluetooth & Wireless Wood Speaker & Alarm Clock

Color: brown

W8C support functions:

1. Wireless Bluetooth connection

2. Wired audio connection, can be used for computer, TV

3. TF card playback

4. LED time display

5. Alarm prompt function

6. FM radio function,please insert the configured audio cable into the audio hole as an antenna, and then switch to FM function, so the radio effect will be better


Model: W8C Bluetooth speaker

Speaker material: wood

Speaker size: 52mm

Net weight: 1.5kg

Panel material: wood Size: 380 * 90 * 80mm

Volume adjustment method: Button

Radio function: yes

Power supply: built-in lithium battery

Battery capacity: 3000mah

Bluetooth function: version 4.2

AUX input: 3.5mm audio input

Signal to noise ratio: ≥75dB

Number of speakers: 4

Support extended storage: 32GB

Frequency response range: 100HZ-20KHZ

Clock operation instructions

Time adjustment

1. Press the mode key to switch to clock mode

2. Long press the mode button, the hour hand will flash, and the hour hand can be adjusted by thevol- and vol+ keys

3. Short press the mode button, the minute hand flashes, and the minute hand can be adjusted by pressing the he vol- and vol+ buttons

4. Long press the mode key or wait for 3 seconds to switch automatically to exit the clock adjustment mode