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Pampering Products for him, her and home!
Pampering Products for him, her and home!

Pre-Punched Aluminum Hookah Foil Covers; Set (100)

  • Hookah Accessories Set – 100 hookah foil covers to support all your natural hookah needs. Perfectly sized for any hookah bowl and easy to use. No hookah hole puncher needed.
  • Pre-Punched Hookah Foil with Holes– Designed to save you time and hassle over using a hookah puncher our aluminum foil with holes makes it easier to set up and enjoy with heavy-duty foil made for modern use.
  • Disposable and Recyclable Materials – All of our high-quality hookah supplies are made with eco-friendly, completely safe materials that offer reliable consistency and quick setup or disposal.
Enhance your hookah experience with premium accessories that make it easier to get started on enjoying fresh, bold flavors with less time and effort. Whether you’re a beginner looking to get your own hookah, or you’re experienced in sharing good times, the right accessories can make all the difference when it comes to preparing your hookah.