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Pampering Products for him, her and home!
Pampering Products for him, her and home!

Premium Portable Book Hookah Set

  • COMPLETE HOOKAH KIT + EXTRA HOSE: Our luxury hookah set comes with EVERYTHING you need for an amazing shisha smoking experience: lightweight acrylic shisha box, ashtray, stainless steel charcoal tong and 2 silicone 40’’ hookah hoses. Yes, we provide an extra replacement hose!
  • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT SIZE: The comfortable and PORTABLE size of the TU MARCA hookah set makes it easy to assemble, disassemble, carry, clean, and store away. It is IDEAL for home and travel. Yes, take it along, wherever you go as it is a seamless companion.
  • MODERN DESIGN AND HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: Our sleek and elegant light up hookah box has been designed with the most DURABLE plexiglass material and a rubber base to prevent slipping. Our light up hookah provides a brilliant LED light glow with a remote control.
  • EASY AND FAST HEATING: Our complete shisha kit comes with a heat tub to place the charcoal and it also has three vents. These are designed to be opened when the charcoals start to get harsh, and closed when more heat is needed. That EASY!
  • WONDERFUL GIFT IDEA FOR HOOKAH LOVERS: Our premium book hookah set has been certainly designed to add flavor to your parties and it can be the perfect present for any SPECIAL occasion such as Birthdays, pool parties, Valentines. Add any of your favorite hookah flavors and enjoy a great puff!
★Everything our family business does must be premium. That is our philosophy. We share a detail-oriented model that adapts to the need of each of our products, ensuring high quality and exquisiteness. Our level of care knows no boundaries, and is a hallmark of our book hookah set. We built this product aiming to create more than an entertaining social activity or means to relax, it is meant to provide strong bonds within family members, friends, and business associates through the hookah smoking experience.  ★Before the creation of our amazing hookah set, we executed a deep research based on thousands negative reviews from existing products. Our company, therefore, built the best possible version you may find in the market nowadays: a top quality, modern and compact hookah kit. Our product has been carefully designed as we built several prototype trials before launching the final version our customers are currently enjoying. ★Care:  ◆What’s Needed?- Water-Baking soda-Lemon juice-Soft cleaning brush ◆Instructions:-Clean only after the hookah is completely cooled down.-Clean the hose by rinsing with water.-Take apart the various hookah components, including the box, hose, and plate.-Dump the used tobacco from the head and the ashes from the plate.-Remove the stem from the base and dump out the water.-Wash the bowl, hose, relief valve, and plate with warm water.-Run warm water into the box to remove any loose particles.-Clean the box by rinsing it with hot water, then add a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice and a teaspoon of baking soda. Swirl the mixture around, scrub with a soft brush, and then rinse with warm water.-Allow all the components to thoroughly dry before using the hookah again.