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Pampering Products for him, her and home!
Pampering Products for him, her and home!

Stretch Ultra Soft Jersey Turban Head Wraps

Color: Black
  • Stretchy, Form-Fitting Comfort – A premium fabric blend with just the right amount of soft, breathable stretch, our turban headband is long and wide for full coverage.
  • Trendy Color Options – ACRABROS head wrap scarves come in a bunch of different bold and beautiful colors to better match your individual style, complexion, or look.
  • Quick and easy Tie-Back – A long 79” x 32” these headwraps help you pull your hair up with less effort and to keep hair off your shoulders and neatly tucked away.
  • Versatile Dress Wear – Great for getting ready in the morning, dressing up your favorite pair of jeans or looking stylish in class, look more amazing in every outfit.

Enhance your wardrobe and your trendy look with a classic stretch head wrap that provides comfort, style, and just the support.

Keeping your hair up and ensuring it looks neat can’t always be done with a scrunchy, ponytail, or hair clip; especially if you have more ethnic hair that requires just the right touch.

That’s why we created the ACRABROS Head Wrap, a stretchy scarf and turban style headwear that lets you wrap-up your hair, no matter the size, thickness, or style, to ensure you look great and feel comfortable and confident.

Designed with a soft, breathable, stretchy fabric, these long head wraps help keep you cool while supporting your up-do or unique hair style. And because they’re lightweight and keep you cool, you can look stylish and be ready to go shopping, have a little fun, or just enjoy the day ahead.

Product Details: Premium Head Wrap Scarf Extra Wide and Thick Offers Proper Styling and Fit Lightweight, Breathable, Form-Fitting Supports a Variety of Hair Styles Soft, Stretchable Comfort

Dimensions:79” x 32”

Machine Washable Keep your hair up and looking beautiful with a stretchy, form-fitting head wrap that offers comfort and style for every day out.