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Pampering Products for him, her and home!
Pampering Products for him, her and home!

10-in-1 AB Wheel Roller Set w/ Knee Pads

  • Super Comprehensive Exercise Set - 10 essential sports accessories which include 1 Ultra-Wider Wheel Base, 1 Knee Pad, 2 core sliders, 2 resistance bands with nylon sleeves, 1 adjustable jumping rope, 2 heavy duty handles and 1 door anchor and 1 guide book, perfect for build stronger and bigger six pack abs, burn calories, build muscle, improve your overall endurance and decrease your risk of muscular injury.
  • Ultra-Wider Roller Wheel Base with Knee Pad for Increased Stability - Upgrade with 3" thick wheel roller, holding up to 440lb. Made of strong stainless steel, non-slip TPR and durable PVC, silence, never damage carpet or wood floor. Thicker knee pad is made of NBR material for providing extra comfort, gives superior stability for beginners.
  • 2 Resistance Tubes – Much heavier resistance up to 30lb, with anti-snap heavy duty protective nylon sleeves and premium natural latex which prevents the resistance tube from being damaged, and provide you double protection in case the band to snap. Can be used with wheel roller or the extra 2 handles + door anchor for 2 different training.
  • 2 Dual Sided Core Sliders – Designed with 2 sided so that you can slide on multiple surfaces! Nothing can stop you from getting your core workout in. The gliding discs is a total body workout that is very low impact but highly effective for core development, gives you an intense abdominal and entire body workout and also help building core strength.
  • Adjustable Jump Rope comes with protective plastic coating to prevent peeling off, it can be easily adjusting to your desired length or height up to 118 inches.

Engage and Strengthen Your Core While “wheeling your way to ripped abs” sounds suspiciously like an infomercial, we can assure you it's anything but that's because using an ab wheel will help you perform some of the most challenging core exercises in existence.

What makes the ab wheel so effective is its ability to engage our entire core, including what are referred to as our "stabilizer" muscles. Stabilizer muscles act as the support system for our skeleton, aiding us in maintaining balance and correct posture.

What is included in the package? ✔ Ultra-wider ab roller wheel ✔ NBR material knee pad ✔ 2 Resistance bands ✔ 2 Handles grips ✔ Adjustable jump rope ✔ 2 Core sliders ✔ Door anchor ✔ Guide book Fitness Master Speed Jump Rope We know the right speed jump rope is crucial to maximizing your jumping speed.

The developers wanted to produce a speed rope that was fast, lightweight, and would help you achieve the maximum number of rotations. Better Exercise Your Hand Muscle with Resistance Bands Comes with 2 30lb resistance tube bands with anti-snap heavy duty protective nylon sleeves, you can used with the wheel roller to stretching, build your hand muscle.

Also, you can use the 2 handles and door anchor. SUPER Lightweight and Effective Part – Core Sliders Our core sliders are designed with double sided, you don’t need to worry about the exercise place, because it work smoothly on all surfaces. Besides, it lightweight and portable, you can pack them in any bag and take them wherever you travel.